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Bosch D9412GV3 Control Panel : Alarm Solutions

The D9412GV3 Control Panel provides an integrated solution for access control, intrusion, and fire alarm system applications. Monitor alarm points for intruder or fire alarms while operating user command centers and other outputs. The D9412GV3 Control Panel includes a communicator that sends events to selected public switched telephone network (PSTN) or IP network destinations through four programmable route groups. Program all system functions on-site through a D5200 Programmer or remotely through Remote Programming Software (RPS).

Add up to eight doors of access control using the optional D9210BLC Access Control Interface Module. The D9412GV3Control Panel provides up to 246 individually identified points. Each point accommodates normally-open (NO) and normally-closed (NC) devices with end-of-line
(EOL) resistor supervision. Program points for fire, fire supervisory, or intrusion applications.


Programmable Outputs

  • 2 A alarm power at 12 VDC
  • 1.4 A auxiliary power at 12 VDC
  • Four alarm output patterns
  • Programmable bell test
  • Programmable bell shut-off timer

System Response

  • 31 custom point indexes, including fire supervisory
  • Selectable point response time
  • Cross point capability
  • Watch mode
  • Scheduled events (skeds) arm, disarm, bypass and unbypass points, control relays, control authority levels, and control door access

Two Man Rule

Two Man Rule requires two unique passcodes on the same command center to disarm an area. Without the second passcode, the system denies entry. Two Man Rule requires the presence of two people at opening, providing added security.

Early Ambush

Early Ambush requires two passcode entries on the same command center. Enter the same passcode twice or have two unique passcodes, depending on the configuration. The first entry disarms the area and the second entry stops a timer programmed to send a duress event. If the second entry does not occur within the programmed time, the system generates a duress event. Early Ambush allows users to inspect the premises and use the system to confirm that the area is safe to enter, providing added security.

Easy Exit Control

The D9412GV3 Control Panel changes from one armed state to another armed state without disarming. For example, if you change the state from Master Arm to Perimeter Arm, the control panel complies and reports the change. Easy Exit Control reduces the number of keystrokes, simplifying system operation.

Programmable Passcode-controlled Menu List

The system prompts users to enter a passcode prior to viewing the command center menu. The command center display shows the user the menu options allowed according to the user's authority level. Passcode-controlled menus provide users only with the options and information pertinent to them, simplifying system operation.

Invisible Walk Test

A menu item allows the user to test invisible 24-hour points within the scope of the command center without sending a report to the central station.


User passcodes contain three to six digits. Assign each user one of fourteen customized authority levels in each area. Restrict passcodes to operate only during certain times. The Two Man Rule and Early Ambush options require two passcodes, providing additional security in financial establishments such as banks.


The D9412GV3 Control Panel prioritizes and sends reports to four route groups. Each group has a programmable primary and backup destination. The D9412GV3 works with the D6600 NetCom Communications System using a DX4020 Network Interface Module. It has programmable anti-replay anti-substitution features when using a DX4020. The Modem IIIa2 Communications Format, available with Bosch receivers, adds reporting capabilities such as:

  • Individual point numbers and text
  • Opening or closing reports by area number
  • Remote programming attempts
  • Diagnostic reports
  • Sends user names to the central station

Security Detection

The D9412GV3 Control Panel provides eight on-board points, and up to 238 additional off-board points (depending on model and expansion interfaces). You can program individual points to monitor all types of burglar alarms, and supervision devices.

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