Bank-Tec South
NCR SelfServ™ 38

Freestanding Drive-up Full-Function ATM

Versatility and accessibility whatever the weather
The NCR SelfServ 38 is a freestanding drive-up ATM designed to cope with the severest weather conditions. It dispenses cash, offers a full set of revenue-generating services and the widest range of upgrade options available. With a compact transaction area, its large screen and shortest reach delivers the greatest consumer usability across the widest range of vehicles.
• Redefined availabilitySelfServ 38
Real availability is about delivering the transactions that consumers want, where and when they need them. With new “self-healing” technology, easy-to-use service lead-through application, and front, rear and side service access, NCR SelfServ redefines availability.
• Informed manageability
NCR SelfServ provides best-in-class data for network management. Clear visibility to configurations, software versions and the activity levels of each module, results in more accurate, timely management decisions and operational excellence.
• Committed responsibility
Low-energy LED lighting, 25% less cabling and reduced requirements for on-site service visits are just some of the ways we’ve lowered the carbon footprint of each ATM. NCR SelfServ will be a valuable asset in achieving the environmental goals for your business.
• Intuitive usability
NCR SelfServ enables consumers, cash-in-transit companies, branch staff and service engineers to become experts after the very first use, resulting in better operational efficiency, staff utilization and
consumer satisfaction.
• Intrinsic security
Incorporating a unique protected USB architecture and a range of antifraud and physical security solutions, NCR SelfServ reduces fraud risk and maintains the integrity of your self-service channel for you and your customer

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